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Triple J Communications LLC is a fully bonded and insured contract company providing high quality contract employees for the telecommunications and wind energy industries. If you need copper or fiber cable placed and spliced or if have already in place copper or fiber cable and are looking for someone to help put it together we can be that help.

Construction and maintenance splicing of both aerial and buried copper and fiber cable in the telecommunications and wind energy industry is all we do and we do it anywhere in the United States. Triple J Communications LLC is based out of Beaver, Oklahoma which is centrally located in the United States. 

We are mobile and willing to go anywhere you need us from the east coast to the west coast. Triple J Communications LLC understands better than most that time is money in today's everchanging telecommunications market and are willing to travel to help you in a moments notice to help you put your cable to work.  With the expansion of the broadband market, cable not placed or spliced is lost income for your company. 

Our Mission at Triple J is to provide you with highly trained relief contract construction and splicing crews at a very reasonable rate to help your company put that cable to work for you bringing in that needed income to you. 

Experienced Staff


I am John Kiley the founder and owner of Triple J Communications, LLC. I have been a contract splicer for over 22 years now and have done work in several states including but not limited to Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and even as far away as Puerto Rico. 

While I was working for another contract company they were forced to close their doors due to health issues.  I then decided to form Triple J Communications LLC to help my former employer fulfill a contract that they had with Panhandle Telephone Company. 

Triple J Communications, LLC has sense then provided contract employees and equipment to lots of companies in the telecommunications and wind industries. I have provided emergency help to the area when hurricane Katrina devastated the southeastern United States by going to Louisiana and Florida to help with the restoration of the telecommunications plant. 

New equipment and employees are added to the company as needed to help us keep up with the ever-changing industry.  We expanded into splicing the fiber control cables for windmill and solar energy companies over 10 years ago and have plans to keep evolving with the changing industry. 


Competitive Pricing


Triple J Communications LLC can provide you with a complete affordable turn key operation by providing the employees and equipment for the placement, splicing and testing of copper and fiber cables or any part thereof with our highly qualified employees.

We are experienced in all aspects of placing and splicing both aerial and buried cables of all types. We have experience in the use of the AMP and MS2 copper splicing equipment as well as splicing single and multimode fiber. We have all our own tools to get the job done for you. 


Aerial & Buried Fiber Optics Placement and Splicing

I bid each job on an individual basis so that I don't have to have high cost to cover predictable locations in advance.

Aerial & Buried Copper Cable Placement and Splicing

In the air or under the ground my crews can get the job done for you in a quick timely manner at some of the best rates going.

Testing Copper & Fiber Cables

We ae able to send crews out a head of placement to test your cables in advance to help ensure you are placing good cable in the air of under the ground.  We can also return at a later date to test it upon job completion if need be.

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I am a 24 hours a day 7 days a week full service company.  Contact me by phone or e-mail anytime day or night.